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An eco-friendly Vision
BrightRock strongly believes in maintaining the ecological balance of our planet for a sustaining a more
An eco-friendly Vision
Advantage False Ceilings!

False Ceilings are very easy to install and remove thus providing the convenience of sprucing up the ceiling with ease. They also help in covering unsightly areas which feature a lot of plumbing or electrical systems in addition to the advantage of creating aesthetically vibrant atmosphere matching your taste and needs.

Fire Resistance

False ceilings are extremely resistant to fire. The reason why we find a majority of the offices, commercial spaces and homes being furnished with them. In addition, the design of the ceilings dispenses the heat and smoke over a larger surface, allowing the structure to hold for longer periods of time which means extra and valuable time for making rescue and recovery efforts. So, if you want your space to be safe from fire hazards then false ceiling is not optional but mandatory.


False ceilings have incredible acoustic properties as the serve a dual purpose of making a structure soundproof from outside disturbances as well as enhancing the sound travel within the structure catering to distinct communication.

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