Bright Rock
An eco-friendly Vision
BrightRock strongly believes in maintaining the ecological balance of our planet for a sustaining a more
An eco-friendly Vision
An eco-friendly vision
BrightRock strongly believes in maintaining the ecological balance of our planet for a sustaining a healthy future. And it proactively strives to implement eco-friendly measures at levels of its production and processes. BrightRock adopted the following steps as its working philosophy as a part of its environmental responsibility.
  • Integrate the consideration of environmental concerns and impacts into all of our decision making and activities,

  • Promote environmental awareness among our employees and encourage them to work in an environmentally responsible manner,

  • Train, educate and inform our employees about environmental issues that may affect their work,

  • Reduce waste through re-use and recycling

  • Promote efficient use of materials and resources throughout our facility including water, electricity, raw materials and other resources, particularly those that are non-renewable,

  • Avoid unnecessary use of hazardous materials and products, seek substitutions when feasible, and take all reasonable steps to protect human health and the environment when such materials must be used, stored and disposed of,

  • Purchase and use environmentally responsible products accordingly,

  • Communicate our environmental commitment to clients, customers and the public and encourage them to support it,

  • Strive to continually improve our environmental performance and minimize the social impact and damage of activities by periodically reviewing our environmental policy in light of our current and planned future activities.
Bright Rock Industries Bright ROCK Industries founded in the year 2000 is a Manufacturing unit Specialised in Systems based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. The future strategy of Bright ROCK Industries is focused attaining leadership in the Ceiling & Wall Systems offering innovative solutions to meet the fundamental challanges of growth ...